Wednesday, October 5, 2011

(No) Running (Allowed) Update

It's been about a week since I first injured my foot. And I'm going crazy. Nutso. Insane. Three fries short of a happy meal. Bonkers. Wacko. (You get the idea).

I'm sad to say I don't really think it's getting better. Every time I think its on the mend, I have to remind myself how much tylenol I've just had. I can't even walk without limping. I confess to pretending I'm a doctor with a degree from google, especially when I read things like this:
What causes stress fractures?
  • Over use! (check)
  • Too much training, too soon without enough rest! (check, definitely the without enough rest part)
  • Overpronation (ehh, I pronate a little)
  • Oversupination
  • They are common in army recruits (often called a march fracture), runners, ballet dancers, and gymnasts. (double check)
What are the symptoms of stress fractures?
  • Foot metatarsal pain which comes on gradually. (check)
  • Pain is located towards the mid/front of the foot. (check)
  • Pain is aggravated by weight bearing activities such as walking, running or dancing. (check, and #sadpanda)
  • Pain to touch the bone at the point it is broken. (Check. Hello third metatarsal!!)
  • Swelling is often present. (check, and it's gotten worse this week)
  • An X-ray will often not show the fracture until two or three weeks after it has started to heal. (uhh what???)
Here I was thinking my x-rays from my ER visit this weekend were relatively conclusive. Unbeknownst to me, they may not show anything for another week or so!

I'm usually not the diagnose myself type. I was prepared to let this foot have some well earned rest for 7-10 days, and I confess I was expecting it to be much better by now. It's been 4 days of no running and limited walking. But maybe this internet diagnosis will get me back to Dr. Fleeter, who 'scoped my knee after a fall two years ago. (Turns out, he also specializes in sports and running injuries, and supports the local triathlon group).

Maybe most scary of all, I need to revisit my Marine Corps Marathon aspirations. After an intense training summer, my attitude towards running has shifted a little. I get wrapped up in the training and the goals, and I forget what a gift it is to be running and moving without the fear of my heart blowing up. This enforced break - short as it is already - has already reminded me that running's not a chore. I literally wake up and my body is already craving that freedom of movement, seeking that predictable meditative momentum of the trail.

"Whatever you may be missing right now - a person, a place, a feeling, maybe you are injured and missing running - whatever it is, have peace and take heart - remember that any goodbye makes room for a hello." (Kristin Armstrong, Author and runner)

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