Sunday, May 8, 2011


Just a short update...

New PR!

ACLI Capital Challenge
3 miles
Official Time 29:02
(Unofficial Net Time 28:40)

Split 1: 9:23
Split 2: 9:50
Split 3: 9:17

UMMMM I've never done splits for a race under 10 minutes! Stinking proud of myself.

In other news:
  • Played again at church this morning. Beautiful set. I could really get used to playing there, especially as I'm *mostly stopped freaking and stressing out about performing in front of others.
  • Ordered Mom flowers for Mother's Day and had them delivered to her while she was working a double shift at the hospital on Saturday/Sunday. To be followed by Wine Festival next weekend. BEST DAUGHTER EVER. :D
  • School is almost over!!!! I can be a human again!!! (Until Summer and FINAL semester for UVA starts in 2 weeks...)
  • Signed up for more races... posts will be forthcoming.
  • I've been able to run well again, and totally digging the trails. It's felt really good to get back to running-as-worship, and running unplugged. Hopefully more on this later too. Again, I've been a busy-running-working-schooling-zombie. But no excuses! :)

I run in the path of your commandments, for you set my heart free. Psalm 119:32

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